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Soon as I saw this chick’s ass I knew I was onto a winner......amazing panty lines on a full ass!!

The ass on this girl is sucking in her jeans like a black hole sucks in gravity....a wonder of nature.


Had to drop into the store to get some veg when I spotted this girl.....child bearing hips, chunky thighs and a big ass, forgot the veg and had to go back!!


The first clip from one of my favourite places, Amsterdam....These two gorgeous girls asses looked great in mini skirts.  The only thing missing was a gust of wind!


The first piece of video featuring this short babe with a nice compact ass..more to come..


Compilation clip of asses that I wish I’d got more of, but for whatever reason didn’t.


Gentlemen..there is no way that this chick got that ass into those jeans unless they were sprayed on!!!!


Caught this gal with a mighty piece of ass checkin in at the I decided to join the queue and get a piece....WOW!!